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Evening Rituals Meditation Box | Earth


Rituals are actions that bring a higher – sometimes magical, delightful – meaning into our experiences. To support you in creating rituals that encourage a more joyful and fulfilling life, the Evening Rituals Box has been carefully designed to help you in the creation of a calm oasis every evening. The scents and the meditations have been thoughtfully curated and combined to enhance the whole experience. Disconnect from your daily duties and shift to an evening of peace, reflection and joy.

New to meditation? No problem, this rituals box is just for you! With five different types of meditation inside, you’ll be able to try and learn what works best for you.


This box includes all the elements you may need to create your own ritual:
– 30 incense sticks of 5 different modern scents
– 5 meditations of different types made by expert instructors (in English, around 10 minutes each)
– handmade incense-holder
– guiding booklet


27 x 21 x 4 cm



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