Our story


What started out as regular discussions between sisters to find out just how sustainable our clothes & goods really are, now takes the shape of an online curated store & community in which we represent brands that we’ve grown to admire, as well as share information that helped us transition towards a more conscious lifestyle. The overall throughline is our dedication to daily sustainable choices & thoughtful consumerism.

Morsel’s store & journal is our way of curating that knowledge and sharing it with like minded individuals. Through our store, framed as a triptych for your body, your home & your little ones, we will offer a carefully chosen selection of timeless quality pieces made from natural materials that can be enjoyed for years to come. Ultimately, transparency is our aspiration, to provide our customers with a thoughtful, yet carefree shopping experience, knowing their purchase has made a positive impact both ethically and eco-consciously. A perfect match for those who appreciate the principles of slow design and eschew the waste of fast consumerism.

Alongside our thoughtful assemblage of retail goods, we will also offer an editorial section that will be a learning space where we are both the writers and the readers of our own stories. Through this journal we hope to encourage meaningful conversations on the idea of sustainability and what it truly means.

Original Cera Brand Tableware & Decor


Our ambition with Morsel is to go beyond being an online retail platform to shaping a community where the defining pillar of our company is built on the idea of thoughtful & conscious consumption, one morsel at a time.